Your wedding day is is one of the most special you’ll have. Like everything we make, a focus on fit and proportion goes a long way to helping you and your groomsmen feel sharp for the big day. 

We can offer a range of suiting levels to fit your budget needs, all anchored around giving you a quality cloth, cut and construction. Wedding suiting starts from $675 moving up to $995 and $1095 for Italian and English cloth. Shirting starts at $145 through to $175-$195 for specific Thomas Mason commissions.

We can provide weekend or out-of-hours fittings for your group. Come in together, enjoy a beer and some laughs while we work through the fittings and patterns. 

Wedding parties can be difficult to coordinate and so we suggest getting everything ordered 6-8 weeks in advance. We do visit Sydney monthly and can arrange to fit-out members of your wedding party while there or alternatively can come to other arrangements for those located in other parts of Australia or internationally.